How do I decide the best pick-up time?

The most comfortable pick-up time for your airport drive may be impacted by several criteria-

  • Is your flight Domestic or International?  It is advisable to arrive at the airport 2 hours before an international flight.
  • Your distance from the airport.
  • Time of day should be taken into consideration by allowing for 'commuter traffic' or Holiday Rush traffic.  Friday traffic during the Summer months may require an additional 1 hour travel time to most airport drives.
  • Weather- Customer pick-up times may be adjusted due to weather related issues close to the date of departure.
  • Any Extra stops along the way.
  • Other items to consider are potential construction delays and special traffic concerns.

We will help to guide customer to identify their pick-up time to include a comfortable time cushion to avoid anxiety or missed flights. 


How do we connect with the driver upon arrival?

Your driver and vehicle will typically wait for your arrival at the airport's Cell Phone Lot.  These lots allows drivers to wait until their arriving passengers have disembarked the aircraft and collected their baggage.  The driver can be alerted via cell phone.  Most terminals are accessable within a 5 minutes.



What is the minimum service time?

Drivers require a 3 hour minimum.

Why would I hire your driver/chauffer to drive me in my automobile over a limousine?

·         Service

·         Comfort

·         Savings

·         Convenience

We offer our clients a great fit for far less money.

Without the sometimes ostentatious impression of a limousine.

What if I need to cancel?

Cancellations are accepted if made 3 hours prior to departure via phone only (between 8AM-7PM) with no charge. Those made less than 3 hours from the scheduled departure time will incur a minimum charge of $75.00.  Cancellations made while the driver is en route may be treated the same as a cancellation on location or a "no-show", in which case the full price of the trip will be charged. 

In the case of extreme weather conditions, like heavy snowfall, the cancellation charge will not apply.  At such times, we reserve the right to bill by the hour in such conditions. 

What About Insurance?

if you are new to Hire Driver Services, you may not be aware that your vehicle insurance already has the coverage required for another driver, with your permission to drive your car for you.  This is the third-party liability part of your policy.



Hire-Driver-CT.com states "YOUR insurance is first in case of an accident, Our chauffeurs are contracted and screened through Hire-Driver-CT.com and a reputable background service.Hire-driver-CT.com  WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE . 



How does hiring a driver to 'drive my car' insurance work?

Under most insurance policies others can drive your vehicle as long as you give them permission and you should be able to driver other friends or family member’s cars as well. The type of coverage the owner has on them (being either liability or comprehensive and collision) would be the primary insurance on the vehicle.