Auto delivery service by hire driver CT / New York / NJ / Florida

We pick up and physically drive your auto TO or FROM any destination beginning or ending in New York, CT or NJ.  Hire Driver CT is available for long distance delivery of your automobile nationwide including Florida, ski resorts or Pacific coast.  Typically we drive owner's vehicle TO or FROM CT and Florida including NY and NJ.  Hire Driver CT is based in Westport CT.  

Some reasons to think of a private auto delivery service are-  

  • Save $'s by transporting with a hired driver
  • Convenient and predictable scheduling
  • We provide door to door pick up and delivery
  • No scary unexpected 'additional costs'
  • We NEVER broker out your vehicle
  • Placement of your personal property in the transported vehicle is allowed 
  • Even Pets or family
  • Drivers are Professionals from our community 

Depending on your need a professional driver takes your vehicle normally within 24-48HRS immediately after your order is placed or made available.  All trips are priced on an individual basis. Customer responsible for the fuel, tolls and driver flight to/from NYC airport. 

Typical pricing from New York City to most areas in Florida approx. $750.00*

Your automobile is delivered within 24-36 hours for a New York to/from Florida trip.

Vehicle must be titled in your name with proof of current registration "in" vehicle, as well as insurance valid through delivery date. Disclosure of all known problems with vehicle. Formal walk around vehicle with owner to note condition and sign off is conducted at time of vehicle pickup for your convenience.

* Nothing in tow.  U-Haul type trucks and trailors moved by agreement.


Call: >> 203-644-5221 << to request rates and info.